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Oklahoma's oldest wholesale pump distributor

Why Choose PumpsOK?

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If we don’t have the pump you need, we’ll custom build one for you.

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Everything we know, we learned from the world’s leading experts: customers like you.

Every day, we move water all over the world. Every 20 seconds, we help save a child’s life.

What we do

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Water Systems

Everything we know, we learned in the field. And that’s where we’ll be when you need us. Field-ready pumps, expertise, and service for water wells, irrigation, water transfer, pressure boosting, and more.

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Wastewater, pressure boosting, HVAC, irrigation, municipal water: Your demanding jobs demand good pumps, solid experience, and friendly know-how. At PumpsOK we’ve got all three, and we’re ready to help.

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At PumpsOK, we’ve never seen a mess we couldn’t remedy. From leachate extraction to tank-to-tank transfer, water sampling to total fluids recovery, we’ve accomplished some of the biggest jobs on the planet, and we’d like to help you accomplish yours.

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Custom Fabrication

Our 8,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is staffed with engineers and technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to design and fabricate a custom system for your site-specific considerations.

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Oil & Gas

PumpsOK has the tools you need to safely, efficiently run your drilling operations.

A typical workday for one of our Real. Friendly. Experts.

From the Field