Continuous Motor Leads

Pumps of Oklahoma manufactures motor leads for many major submersible motor manufacturers including Franklin Electric, Centripro, Grundfos, Hitachi, and Faradyne. PumpsOK offers various types of wire insulators and jackets for applications where temperature and chemical resistivity are a factor.  All of our submersible wires are UL 83 compliant with temperature ratings from 60°C to 200°C.  Our motor leads are available in custom lengths up to 10,000′ but are subject to the ampacity requirements based on the NEC ampacity for conductors in free air or water. We stock lengths in 25′ increments all the way up to 150′.  The typical turn around time for a custom length lead is 5-7 business days.



Teflon™ is a registered trademark and a brand name (Teflon ®) owned by Chemours (formally DuPont)

How to install a Motor Lead.

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What is a Continuous Motor Lead?

A continuous motor lead is comprised of a proprietary parts and cable connected in a continuous strand by using a special process in our controlled environment. This eliminates the need for a field installed underwater splice, which is a common failure point in various types of wells.

Motor Leads

  • Hi-Lo Supreme 8 AWG 3 conductor plus ground jacketed submersible pump cable. Insulated and jacketed with a premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material. PACKAGE CABLE Hi-Lo supreme jacketed type, UL approved cable furnished in pre-cut lengths with water tight Viton plug...
  • a detailed graphic of 4 colored insulated wires for Hilo Twisted motor lead
    The Hi-Lo Supreme AWG cables are conductor plus ground twisted submersible pump cables that are insulated with premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials. They come in various gauges and numbers of wires. Package cable: The Hi-Lo supreme twisted type UL approved...
  • 4 colored insulated wires for PVC Flat motor lead
    Package Cable:   The Flat Parallel Type THW, UL approved cable is furnished in pre-cut lengths with a watertight neoprene plug on one end for direct connection to a Franklin motor. It has a stranded copper conductor and two or...
  • The AWG conductor plus ground oil, water, and weather resistant (SOOW) motor lead cables come with either a 12 gauge or 8 gauge configuration. The construction of this pump cable exceeds the electrical and physical test parameters of UL standards...
  • Teflon Jacketed motor lead diagram
    The construction of this pump cable exceeds the electrical and physical test parameters of UL standards 83 that covers a deep well submersible pump cable. They come with two or three wires. The individual insulated primary conductors have a .032”...
  • a graphic of colored insulated wires in Teflon Twist configuration
    The construction of this cable exceeds the parameters of UL Standard44 that covers deep well submersible pump cables. The individual primary wires utilize an extruded, heavy wall ETFE or FEP fluoropolymer which meets the requirements of National Electrical Code 310,...
  • The XLPE/CPE motor lead features extruded cross-linked polyethylene material for insulation and extruded CPE jacket material. It is water and oil-resistant and rated for 90° C. The sleeve and jam nut both consist of stainless steel. InquiryProduct Data Sheet