• CPN flat cable
    The CPN flat cable is a cost-efficient polypropylene insulated cable. It consists of four components: galvanized steel armor, a solid tinned copper conductor, an oil-resistance, patented flexible Nitrile jacket, and high dielectric polypropylene insulation. This cable is designed for operation...
  • CTT-CBM cable
    CTT-CBM flat cables are ideal for use in deeper CBM wells where temperature is hotter and higher pressures are a consideration due to well depth. This is also an excellent cable in water well applications where large quantities of CO2...
  • A cylindrical coal bed methane pumps made by Grundfos
    Grundfos’ new 4” CBNG submersibles feature durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and an enhanced wear resistant design for harsh, abrasive CBNG environments.   InquiryProduct Data Sheet  
  • cri 4-inch-stainless-steel-series coal bed methane oil and gas pump
    Incorporating specially designed components to withstand the rigors imposed on them, these special pumps are highly durable to deliver top notch performance under the most adverse situations.   InquiryProduct Data Sheet